Wish List

Fourth Grade Wish List

These items are class donations and will be used by all students as needed. All donations will be credited towards your mandatory volunteer hours.($15.00 = 1 hour. Please send in the receipt.)


One subject notebooks

9 x 12 Envelopes


Erasers for dry erase board

Expo dry erase markers - thin or thick (multicolor or black)

Construction paper unbound – (12 x 18 light colored)

Tape for tape dispenser

Treasure Box Goodies - small toys, cool erasers, slap bracelets, small balls, etc. (OrientalTrading.com and KippToys.com are good places to look) No Candy, please

Letter size manila file folders

Letter size hanging folders

Disposable cameras (for event days. Mrs. Smith can also use 35mm film)

Colored ink pad (any solid color)

1 Broom and dustpan (for Ms. Romero)

1 Folding stool (for Mrs. Smith and Ms. Romero)

Beanbag chairs (for reading area for Mrs. Smith)

Books-new or used for classroom library

Whiteboards (At Home Depot- get showerboard and have them cut it into 12" by 12" squares for Ms. Romero)

Package of all purpose rags